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Program Policies

  • Please note that ALL programs must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date. (Please allow 1-2 business days for your event to be approved before contacting our office with questions).

  • This form must be complete in order to receive LINK Loot for your event. Any incomplete forms will be held until all program information is received.

  • Attendance must be tracked for ALL students in attendance, regardless of class standing. Since LINK Loot is offered to freshman and transfers, it is crucial that we have accurate attendance from each event.

    • To track attendance, you may use either a card reader or sign in sheet.

    • All sign-in sheets must be returned to LINK within two business days. You may submit documents with students' names and UCFIDs.

    • LINK card readers may be checked out in Howard Phillips Hall 216 one business day in advance, and must be returned the following business day. You may check out one scanner for every 100 students you anticipate attending.

    • It may be easier to not ask students if they are there for LINK, but rather tell students you are swiping IDs/having the sign-in sheet for an attendance count. This helps eliminate any confusion while providing an accurate headcount.

  • LINK staff do not attend events to sign students in or to swipe students' IDs. Please plan to have your staff or volunteers available to track attendance.

  • If LINK consistently receives late attendance information from your office, you will be restricted from offering LINK Loot for the following semester.

  • If you check out a LINK card reader and it is not returned promptly, your office will be charged the full cost of a replacement.

  • If a campus partner fails to properly submit attendance or discuss LINK information during their program, their partnership with LINK may be terminated.