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LINK events are not just fun and entertaining – they're profitable! Listed on the LINK website and in our app (Goosechase, LINK@UCF) are all the LINK-associated events. For each program a student attends (and checks in using the Goosechase app), they will receive LINK Loot. Students can earn LINK Loot until the end of each semester (Summer, Fall, and Spring) and then have the opportunity to use their Loot at various events to gain the chance to receive awesome items!

LINK events are open to all students, but only students new to UCF are eligible to earn LINK Loot. Being new to UCF means it is your first time here, either as a freshman or transfer student. LINK runs off of the academic calendar, meaning Summer, Fall, then Spring. If you start in Summer, you have three terms to earn and redeem LINK Loot. Fall gives you two opportunities, and Spring one. But don't worry, LINK Loot starts over each term, so everyone is on the same page!

How Can I Get It?

To receive LINK Loot, simply attend programs listed on the website or in our app and check in using the app! You don't have to search very hard to find a LINK program because there is practically one occurring every day – just check our list of programs!

Where Can I Use It?

Students can use their accrued LINK Loot at each end-of-semester event. Items at events typically include TVs, Xboxes, movies, video games, digital cameras, theme park tickets, UCF Spirit items, and more! There will even be a chance to receive a $1,500 tuition scholarship from SGA by participating in LINK events during the Fall term! LINK points expire at the end of each term, so make sure to use them each term!


LINKO is LINK's fun and fast-paced version of BINGO! Students receive LINKO cards at check-in and play classic rounds of four corners, filling in a row, creating letters and more for a chance to receive great items. If you fill in the spots in the round, stand up and yell LINKO!

LINK Auction

The LINK Auction is the ultimate bidding war! Prepared with paddles and LINK Loot, students bid on items in an exciting end to the LINK year. Paddles up!

SGA Tuition Scholarship

The Fall term also brings with it the chance to receive a $1,500 tuition scholarship provided by SGA! Check our Facebook page for details on how to apply.

How Many Points Do I Have?

Students can find their point amount on their Goosechase app. Simply select the last tab in the game to view your submissions.

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Special Thanks

LINK would like to thank the following companies for their generous donations to the LINK program: