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LINK events are not just fun and entertaining — they're profitable! Listed on the program tab are all the LINK-associated events. For each program attended LINK Loot will be awarded. Students can earn LINK Loot until the end of each semester (Fall and Spring); at the end of each semester, students then have the opportunity to utilize their accumulated Loot at our end of semester event.

LINK events are open to all students, but only first year (FTIC) students and first year transfer students are eligible to earn LINK Loot. Depending on the beginning term, students may have multiple opportunities to obtain LINK Loot. LINK Loot is specific to each of the academic semesters (Fall and Spring).

Where Can I Use It?

Accrued LINK Loot can be used at an end-of-each-semester event facilitated through Facebook. LINK points expire at the end of each term, so make sure to use them each term!

How Many Points Do I Have?

You can view your current Loot total here.