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About LINK

Located in the office of First Year Experience, LINK (Learning and Interacting with New Knights) is an education and involvement based program to help students new to UCF become engaged with the campus and UCF community. Student development theory tells us that social and academic integration into the fabric of the university is critical during the freshman year and that students must be engaged in their environment for growth and learning to occur.

By providing a variety of academic and social programs throughout the year, the LINK program aims to have students:

  • Become engaged with the campus and the UCF Creed through numerous academic and social programs held year round
  • Meet other students and have positive experiences at events
  • Learn about campus resources and develop valuable connections to assist in their success


Coming to college can be overwhelming and a bit confusing for many students, especially when students come to a university with 60,000 of their new peers! We know that becoming involved and informed of resources can be daunting, which is why LINK was created. LINK provides an easy way for students to begin exploring all that UCF has to offer while creating connections that are vital to their success.

Through LINK, students attend programs and events on campus worth various amounts of LINK Loot, earn Loot all semester, and cash in their Loot for fabulous prizes at exciting events such as LINKO, the LINK Lottery, and the LINK Auction. With events from academic and learning programs to interaction and community-building events, there is something to help every student feel connected to their new university home.

What Students Are Saying

"LINK made my first semester at UCF much more successful than I ever could have imagined."

"The LINK events I attended changed my college experience and I couldn’t imagine how different everything would be if I hadn’t gone to that first event."

"These programs allowed me to succeed as a student as well as build friendships that will last a lifetime."

"It has made me successful because it has opened me to try new experiences and to not be afraid to put myself out there and meet new people."

"I always have something to do thanks to the LINK program."

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