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Submit New Program

If you haven't submitted a program before this academic year or you need to submit a brand-new program, this is the form for you!

To avoid confusion for students, each event name must be unique per partner. For example, if you are a partner and someone from your office submitted a program called "Email Etiquette", any new programs for your office cannot be named "Email Etiquette." However, if another partner used this name, you are free to use it as well!

If you've already used a name and want to add additional sessions, use the green box on the submit page instead!

Event Details

A program with this title and partner already exists. Do you want to add sessions to this program?

Add New Sessions


Program Information

If you need clarification on the descriptions of each theme, visit The UCF Creed website.

Dispute Details
Students often dispute their attendance at programs and it is helpful for us to know specific information that ONLY students in attendance at the event will know. Please submit three characteristics or details that students at your program should know (ex. food served, specific information presented, offices in attendance, or anything that is NOT in your program description).

Contact Information
The Contact Name and E-mail will be provided to students.

Session Information

Session Dates
Please note that ALL programs must be submitted at least TWO WEEKS prior to the event date.

When you have supplied all information for your program and sessions, click the button below to go to the confirmation page.